Sapphire Bearings and Ruby Bearings
Sapphire Bearings and Ruby Bearings
Sapphire Bearings & Ruby Bearings
We supply high quality sapphire bearings, ruby bearings. The diameter of bearings from 0.80mm to 10.00mm. The height of bearings from 0.20mm to 8.00mm. The shapes of bearings include Vee bearing, Cup bearing, Ring bearing, etc. Best prices and service.
Properties of synthetic sapphire and ruby
Chemistry component: Al2O3.
Hardness Mohs: 9.0.
Density: 3.98g/cm3.
Color: White and red.
Melting point: 2050C
Softening point: 1800C
Thermal expansion: Parallel to C-axis: 6.710-6/C
Perpendicular to C-axis: 5.010-6/C
Thermal conductivity: 0.09 cal/ (25C)
Knoop: 1800 face parallel to C-axis
2200 face perpendicular to C-axis


















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